Integrated Digital Development Concept for the Prinz Leopold Barracks, Regensburg

Integrated Digital Development Concept for the Prinz Leopold Barracks, Regensburg

Regensburg city council has promoted urban development of the former Prinz Leopold Barracks to transform this location into a sustainable and smart city development with the aid of an integrated digital development concept, termed IDEK.

The assigned planning team initiated an overarching and holistic approach that co-opted all stakeholders from the city administration and the urban community in a collaborative effort, from definition of objectives to identifying solutions.

The goal was to create a neighborhood that is eminently livable and applies digital solutions as needed, such as to measure conditions and steer processes with the help of IoT (internet of things) sensors, or to develop new municipal services for residents.

Further, the development of transferable solutions was of key importance for this project. Thus, all measures were developed in close coordination with city-wide stakeholders to ensure long-term utility, integrated into municipal infrastructures and organizational procedures.

Identification of workable solutions was based on a jointly developed benchmark with defined technical, organizational and regulatory frameworks for potential approaches.

Fichtner was responsible for:

  • facilitation of the co-creative process to develop a holistic vision together with matching smart implementation measures
  • analysis of the requirements of information and communication technology (ICT) at the interface between Prinz Leopold Barracks and the city as a whole
  • identification and development of demand-oriented digital solutions to enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood, addressing mobility, the environment, housing, people, and the economy.